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¿Looking for the best eSIM for Poland? Poland is a great destination to visit. Top 20 of the safest countries in the world, its rich history and its culture will surely captivate you. Visiting its vibrant capital Warsaw, or strolling through the Old-Town in Krakow, are only a couple of the many attractions this fascinating country has to offer.

Wedged between Germany and Russia, Poland has been a first-hand witness to the horrors of war, but also to the wonders of peace. A visit to the concentration camps of Auschwitz or Treblinka is one of the most moving and hardest experiences everyone must go through. But to fully understand the polish spirit and their history, you should also visit the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

But Poland is also known for its natural beauty. With over 23 national parks, Poland offers excellent opportunities to enjoy incredible landscapes and nature. One of the most attractive natural locations in Poland is the Białowieża National Park, best known for its primeval forest barely touched by human intervention for 800 years, preserving the world’s largest population of European Bisons.

To fully enjoy your experience in Poland, you should get the best eSIM to travel to Poland. Check our following chart to help you decided which eSIM card best suits you.

Best eSIMs for Poland

Top 5 eSIM plans for Poland

  🏆 Orange eSIM Holidays    30GB    €25    0.83€/GB    15 days100 minutes of Voice Calls SMS for additional credit, ID check, 4G/LTE, Tethering allowed, Europe  
      Ubigi3GB 10GB  €6
1.2 €/GB
30 daysData only, Tethering allowed, 3G/4G/5G, Orange/Play
    Maya – Poland eSIM3GB
2.6 €/GB
2.2 €/GB
1.4 €/GB
30 daysData only, Orange, 4G/LTE, Tethering allowed, Play/Orange, Poland  
    Airalo – Lekko1GB
5GB 10GB
$5 (€4.58)
$7 (€6.41) $10 (€9.15) $13 (€11.90)
4.58 €/GB 2.33 €/GB
2 €/GB 1.3 €/GB
7 days 30 days 30 days 30 daysData only, 4G/LTE, Tethering allowed, Play, Poland
      Holafly      Unlimited€19 €34 €47 €57 €69 €87 €99        N/A5 days 10 days 15 days 20 days 30 days 60 days 90 daysData only, no Tethering, 4G/LTE, T-Mobile/Orange, Poland
Data collected on 01/23

Orange eSIM Holidays: The best option with the best Price per GB

Orange offers without a doubt the best price per GB. With 30 GB for €25, it also provides a Spanish phone number to use all over the European Union. You’ll be able to receive calls and SMS.

With 100 minutes of voice calls and SMS for additional credit, it provides excellent coverage in Poland thanks to the Orange 4G/LTE network, allowing you to connect any device to your mobile phone via tethering.

The ID verification required by law won’t be a problem since it is very simple to do while purchasing it.

Get the eSIM with Best Price/GB for Poland

Ubigi: A wide (and expensive) selection of plans

While our next pick, Ubigi, offers a wide variety of plans, we’ll try to make your decision easier.

Their local plans (only for Poland) offer 3GB and 10 GB for €6 and €12, with a cost per GB of 2 €/GB and 1.2 €/GB.

In case you’re travelling to other European countries, they also offer one-off plans:

The EU27 + UK + Swiss plan can be used in the 27 EU countries, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The Europe Extended plan can be used in all of Europe, including other non-EU countries such as Russia, Turkey, Ukraine…)

These plans range from 500 MB for 2€ to 50 GB for €99.

In any case, Ubigi’s plans are more expensive than our top choice Orange eSIM Holidays in price per GB.

Maya Poland eSIM: Budget friendly plans with a pricey GB

Maya offers cheap eSIM plans with a limited amount of GB.

With 3GB for €8 being the most expensive per GB card, the most cost-effective one is their 10GB plan for €14, resulting in 1.4 €/GB, being the third most expensive of our 5 choices.

However, they provide an unlimited data plan for €55 with a top speed of 5Mbps until reaching 30GB of data consumed, meaning that they offer 1.5 €/GB at max speed.

All of Maya’s plans are valid for 30 days.

Airalo Lekko: Small data packages and high price per gigabyte

With Airalo you get small data packages for a cheap price. Like Maya, they offer 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and 10 GB, but they don’t have an unlimited data option. The prices for Airalo Lekko are expensive, even the one with the best price per GB, 10 GB for $13 (€11.90) is twice the price per GB from Orange eSIM Holidays.

Holafly: Expensive with Unlimited plans

The expensive plans from Holafly come with unlimited data. To take full advantage of Holafly’s plans, make sure it’s the option that best suits you since they offer limited validity with their plans.

The only options cheaper (in price per day) than their competitors are the €87 for 60 days and the one with the best price per day of €99 for 90 days (€1.1 per day),

Given its high prices and its no tethering policy, which prevents connecting any other device to your mobile phone and sharing the data, Holafly is our last choice of this list.

eSIM coverage in Poland

Poland is a large country of 312.300 square meters (120,733 square miles). Having 4G-coverage in all of its 420.000 km of roads should be one of your priorities if you’ve decided to travel to Poland.

With some eSIMs you might not get an internet connection on your device, or you might experience poor connectivity in some areas of the country. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, check the coverage your eSIM card provides in Poland.

Orange offers the best coverage of 5G/4G networks, while providing fast download and upload speeds to its customers (according to Opensignal’s Mobile Network Experience Reports for Poland).

If you want to check Orange’s mobile coverage in Poland, check this map.

eSIM supported devices

Apple devices after the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 support eSIMs, Samsung mobile phones since the release of the Galaxy S20 in 2020 and Google phones such as Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL.

Since the use of this technology keeps expanding, we recommend you to check with your device’s manufacturer, supplier or network provider to check if you can install an eSIM.

Activating an eSIM

Activating an eSIM card is as simple as choosing your preferred plan, getting it from the carrier’s website, and following the instructions sent to you via email.

This email will contain a QR code and a step-by-step guide on how to activate your recently bought eSIM.

Get your eSIM for Poland at the best price

FAQ about eSIM for Poland

Is eSIM available in Poland?

Yes. In fact, eSim is available in all of Europe.

Can you order an eSIM online?

Yes. Ordering an eSIM online is one of the advantages of purchasing an eSIM. The process is as simple as purchasing an eSIM on the website of your choice and activating it with the email you’ll receive. It is entirely done online.

Do I need a passport to buy an eSIM for Poland?

While some eSIM carriers don’t ask for an ID verification, Orange eSIM Holidays requires by law an ID check. It is a simple process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Do I have to activate data roaming on my device?

Yes. You must enable data roaming in your mobile settings in order to guarantee that your eSIM receives the best coverage. However, check that the data roaming is activated only for your eSIM.

Can I use a SIM card and an eSIM at the same time?

Yes. This is one of the advantages of eSIMs. You can choose your primary SIM carrier for phone calls and SMS if you need it, and your eSIM for data.